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Sep 22, 2015 by kiarashi
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A new line of skin care innovations from a New Zealand company called NAHAIA (“Na-Hiya”) has put a smile on my face for its integrity and purity. I’ve never seen a formulation quite like those used in NAHAIA skin care products. So to give you an idea of how great they are, I’ve chosen three NAHAIA products to offer you at a huge 25% discount. (And if you buy more than one, we’ll throw in a special gift while supplies last.)

Take a look at the ingredients of the Radiant Light Replenishing Serum: Natural Polysaccharide Gel, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Complex for Improved Skin Immunity, Herbal Extracts of Organic Calendula and Rosemary, Colloidal Gold, Organic Essential Oils, Natural Preservative System, Grander Energized Water, Micro Vita Love. The “Natural Polysaccharide Gel” is aloe vera, of course. The “Organic Essentials Oils” function as both a natural preservative and a small addition of natural fragrance. The product’s “Natural Preservative System” is actually a blend of herbs known to inhibit bacterial growth. But the most unique ingredient in the formulation is Colloidal Gold.

You can also choose the Coconut Cream Organic Cleanser, which is a luxurious moisturising formulation with Coconut Cream and Moringa Seed to purify and protect the skin from particle pollution. Herbal and native New Zealand plant extracts provide additional cleansing and anti-microbial action. This creamy cleanser feeds the skin with vital nutrients leaving skin fresh and moisturised. It also removes eye make-up easily without stinging.

Bo-Trix Smoother Lines Moisturiser is a potent anti-wrinkle cream. It’s an anti-oxidant, moisturising treatment that firms and significantly relaxes muscles for preventing and smoothing expression lines. With added native New Zealand pohutukawa for skin regeneration and Beta Carotene for improving the signs of skin aging, this treatment cream is a must have.

Everyone who reads Natural News already knows to avoid the toxic personal care products sold at Target, Walmart and department stores. But even those sold at natural-oriented retail stores like Whole Foods can vary widely in their formulations and purity, and some of the natural-sounding brands have actually been bought out by big corporations (such as Burt’s Bees).

There’s also the problem of widespread product counterfeiting where you think you’re buying a reputable product on Amazon, but it’s actually some cheap filler sold under a counterfeit label. (Amazon also doesn’t test anything it sells for heavy metals.) So when it comes to personal care products, I strongly encourage you to do your homework and choose carefully. After all, these are products that you absorb into your body. Many things you put on your skin go right into your tissues and bloodstream. That’s why personal care products can either NOURISH your body, or POISON it, depending on what you choose.

As you well know, I won’t publicize, promote or distribute a product unless it passes my laboratory testing first. When I first discovered NAHAIA, I acquired the full line of their products and ran them through the heavy metals analysis instrumentation in my lab (Agilent ICP-MS 7700X), and the results were phenomenal: extremely low (near zero) concentrations of toxic heavy metals. In fact, they were so clean and so expertly formulated that I decided to carry the entire line.

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